On-site Photo Editing / Color Grading

Husqvarna – World of Concrete 2016

The World of Concrete show in Las Vegas is the nation’s largest trade show for everything concrete related, from rock sourcing to gloves to remote controlled jackhammers. In an effort to build more brand awareness amongst its buyers, gain foot traffic during their show, develop their social media following during the event, and gain more photo assets for the upcoming year, Husqvarna hired Ark Films to shoot willing buyers and sales reps with their equipment, and Pidot Studios to do on-site photo retouching and color grading so the marketing team can post photos in near-real time. The concept for this project was to shoot and edit in an almost post-apocalyptic comic book aesthetic. Within a few days after the show, the Husqvarna Construction Products facebook page had a 6% increase of followers and over 1,000 interactions with the content.

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